Interview smarter, hire better.

Easily create smart interview templates in just a few clicks. 

How it works

Take ‘random’ out of your hiring process and provide a positive candidate experience, with structured interview frameworks from offpaper.


Tell us what you need and we’ll create an interview and assessment framework, using highly targeted questions tailor-made by psychologists. 


Save your template and use it to objectively assess values, behaviours and skills, as well as making notes and scoring candidates in real time.


Confidently offer the best candidate based on a consistent process and fair assessment with structured interview frameworks.

Built on insights from leading companies and HR pro’s

Make Interviews Count.

As hiring managers, we’re all busy humans. So instead of being targeted assessments, interviews are often more general chit-chat and gut feel. Our tool helps hiring managers better prepare, conduct and capture interviews - to fairly assess candidates and make better hiring decisions:

Easily create consistent interview templates`

Select from psychologist-created questions

Assess culture and values alignment

Score candidates objectively

Capture and store interview notes

Deliver a professional candidate experience

Integrate with your existing workflow

“We didn’t really have an interview process as such, most managers would just do it their own way. Offpaper makes it easy to create frameworks that everyone’s using consistently. Candidates get a professional interview experience, and our hiring decisions are better.”

Emma, Hiring Manager, London

Candidate Experience Matters.

Most of us have some experience of a bad interview, and the sour taste it leaves. Word of mouth and online reviews can mean a negative experience travels, too.

Offpaper helps to deliver a consistent and professional interview experience for candidates. Structured interviews with smart, targeted questions create a positive environment for the right conversation to flow and for candidates to shine.